i was greeted by herobrine and notch on 3/25/i4.  I was freaked out to meet them.  This was all on pocket edition

I how no video or picture because they wandered around my world, lucily, not near my house.

what happenedEdit

When Herobrine first came on, i was flying in survival, seeming how i was using an inventory editor to be invulnerable and be abe to fly.  I killed him with my diamond sword a few times before he got off.

when he returned, he overherd someone saying I was cheating, which I was.  Then he said he was gonna report me to Notch, but before he left, he said my real name.  And I asked him who my friends and best friend were and knew them all.  Then he left again.

When he returned for the third time.  I asked him who the girl who i had a crush on was, he knew that, even though she didn't even play Minecraft.  He said he would report me to Notch now and I said yay seeming how I'm not too bright.  He then left and Notch appeared a minute later.

He told me to delete what i had in my inventory that was hacked in.  Before i was going to do that, i asked him if I could keep my diamond gear and chainmail armor.  He said I could.  Then he left, and I didn't even get to interview them.


when I did this, I was at school, and no one would impersonate a famous person on Minecraft, thats bad to and wrong.  The only other person I knew was playing on the same world as me was the person sitting next to me.  I am still freaked out by this.  I also attempted to kill Herobrine again and find and kill Notch.