About a year or two ago, I was really into Herobrine, I believed almost anything about him, I was scared, I tried to summon him, I wouldn't go into the nether, I wouldn't even go on a singleplayer world because I was afraid. I eventually got over this fear and didn't really care anymore about Herobrine, infact, I didn't even believe in him at all. I was having fun, and threw a voldemort head and some armor at a zombie, gave him a wand and let him kill villagers, it was so fun, I felt like a real wizard, so I killed him. I of course think about Herobrine and make a world named "Herobrine". I find a village and do what I did with voldemort, throw Herobrine's head at a zombie and some armor, then throw a blaze rod and make it look like it's actually Herobrine, I also used a name tag which made it look even cooler. I then think about how many times I was deathly afraid to go into the nether and wanted to check it out and laugh about how I was so afraid of it. I flew around and checked it out, then I had the idea to make another "Herobrine" here. I flew a little further to find a nether fortress to make into a castle for my "Herobrine". Before I could find one, I saw Steve, turned backwards, but I automatically knew that this was not Steve. Ender particles were surrounding the figure, he was flying, there were no mods, it was a single player world. I knew this was Herobrine, every thing I ever heard about him was there, in front of me. I froze in fear. Then, before my eyes, he disappeared. I knew he knew I was there. The second he disappeared, I logged out of my game. I was done with Minecraft. Absolutely done. But the next day, I thankfully got over it and started playing again (In multiplayer). Everything was fine. But I knew he existed. I tried to tell every one of my friends, but they never believed me, they thought I was joking, I am posting this in the hopes someone will hear my story and believe me. This was in 1.6.4 or 1.7.10, 1.8 was not out yet.