I was after coming home from school and tired of school work, but l still had to do my homework. At about 4 l went upstairs into my brothers room, turned on the laptop and switched on the XBox. l always watch stampylongnose's videos when l play Minecraft. I loaded up my world, 'Modern' so l could go build a minecart track. As l played, the video started sounding really exciting, to l started watching it instead of Minecraft. Bad idea........... l turned back to the game when l heard a loud explosion. l figured it must have been a creeper or some T.N.T someone placed. lt was nighttime, so l headed back to my house. l saw some thing glowing in the distance, and l thought it was an enderman. l needed to get some Eye of Ender for an End Portal l found. As l got closer it started walking away, while still looking at me. It started to become day, and in the day light, l could see it. A player with the basic skin, but one little thing was missing.......... His eyes. As white as a cloud and as blank as piece of paper. He charged at me and l ran. l ran for the cinema l built and didn't stop. But there he was. Sitting in the ticket booth. l took the track up to my house in the sky and destoyed the blocks behind me. l went inside and built basicly an inclosure around me. l was in complete darkness yet, l still saw his eyes. Two white dots. l lost control over my character glitched outside the inclosure. My character walked out of the house, off the edge, and died. For some reason, l was transported back to the main menu. All my worlds were gone. l was so freaked out. l turned off Minecraft and just watched the laptop. l wanted to know what happened, so l turned it back on. All my worlds were back, but with one difference.......... They were all labled 'DON'T COME BACK'. l clicked the one that replaced the world called 'Modern', but all l saw was black and in the distence....................Two white eyes.