There are 2 sides to herobrine's story. he exists and he does not. Maybe herobrine is a lie

Perhaps there is no herobrine. please do not delete page as people should know both sides of this story.

“ The Herobrine stuff is awesome and kind of scary at the same time. It really shows how little control a content producer has over the content.

I've publicly told people there's never been any such thing as Herobrine, and that I don't have any dead brothers, and that letting too many animals die in lava is a fool proof way to summon him but that you don't need to be afraid of him. He only means well, he's looking out for you, trying to warn you of the dangers you can't see. There certainly are NO physical manifestations of Herobrine that will sneak out of your computer if you leave Minecraft running at night, looming over you as you sleep with his pale eyes inches away from your face, as he tries to shout at you to wake up. Sometimes you wake up with a jolt, and he's gone, and all that lingers is the memory and faint echo of his wordless screaming. Of course it was just a dream. There's no way a morally dubious ghost with a god complex could at any point decide to haunt the children who play my game "for their own good", as there is NO SUCH THING. etc etc „ 
~ Notch on Herobrine 

notch has been badgered about herobrine for a few years. There may be no herobrine except in mods.

If herobrine is real, then how? some programmers better than we will ever be at making games have tried for years. maybe we should trust them.

Herobrine is fun to make fanfictions about but maybe it's the only place he's seen.