Hello, you may know me from another Herobrine encounter story I told you about. This one just happened and is a true story, sorry it is a little short (Thanks to my quick reaction times)

So the story starts with me, I download a few maps off planet minecraft, a mansion, a city, (Until the city was too laggy and it crashed). It was pretty annoying because I installed Dr. Crayfish's furniture mod, and the customNPCs mod, but most of the blocks were replaced by Dr. Crayfish's blocks, even though they weren't modded maps. Anyways, I come across a map: Ocean monument on land! So I'm like: Oh! That's what I need! An ocean monument. So I go to water world on the flat land world type and realize: I'm in 1.7.10, they were added in 1.8... Oops.

So I leave the mods and go into 1.8, or 1.12? I think it was 1.12, yeah it was. So basically I make the world.. I'm fine with the water but then I get the genius idea of removing all the water. It's perfect! I almost make a seed called "Lucky" to make sure I get lucky, but then I think of Minecraft creepypastas revolving around seeds and chicken out (Get it, because chickens eat seeds! I didn't do that on purpose). Anyways, I remove the water from the world and.. Then I create it. The world loads, it's brown. Nothing is there. But then it says "Loading World" and I find myself in the Nether. WITH A NETHER PORTAL. THAT I DIDN'T CREATE. IN A FLAT WORLD. I'm like: "WHAT! WHAT!?!?!?!? HOW?!!?!? THIS ISN'T POSSIBLE I DIDN'T CREATE THAT PORTAL WHAT IN THE WORLD!" And I immediatly log out. This story may or may not have anything to do with Herobrine or my username, but truthfully, I think it does, I've rarely ever visited the Nether, ever. Maybe one or two years ago. This is only possible if a world I had previously made glitched out, yet I removed all my worlds to help my game run better. SO ONE OF THESE THINGS HAS TO HAVE DONE IT: A GLITCH. HEROBRINE. THE FACT I REMOVED ALL WATER FROM THE WORLD (WHICH STILL WOULD BE A GLITCH). MY USERNAME. OR NOTCH HIMSELF. OTHERWISE, THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY.